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  • HTH Story | Bills Due

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  • House the Homeless

    A significant portion of revenue from SoCal Sights Services goes to helping locals who have been severely affected by poverty. House the Homeless is an ongoing annual campaign to promote empathy, fundraise and raise awareness about poverty, homelessness and financial instability in Southern California. In March of 2024, SoCal Sights members will hold the annual…

  • Adventure

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  • San Bernardino County Itinerary

    San Bernardino County Itinerary

    If you like nature, breaks from the big city life, truly hidden gems and a mix of budget-friendly adventures and classy getaways, San Bernardino County has a lot more to offer than you might think.

  • Galleria at Tyler

    The people of Riverside have a lot to choose from when it comes to going out. Recent years have brought even more things to do, but one thing that has remained constant for years is the mall. The Galleria at Tyler is a center for shopping, food and hanging out. It features two floors of…

  • 56+ Date Ideas

    56+ Date Ideas

    From campfires to SeaWorld to 24 hour diners to art installations to tiki bars to revolving sushi places (see video), no where is off bounds in this recommendation list for date Ideas in Southern California. Date Ideas: Bonus: + Bristol Farm Date + IKEA Date + Library / Bookstore Date There’s more but that’s…

  • Anime Expo

    Anime Expo is an event usually held at the Los Angeles Convention Center with everything you can imagine regarding Japanese animation and anime-related media. Movies and TV shows aren’t the only thing you’ll find. The expo features acres of activity-filled fun, opportunities to meet actors and industry professionals, shops, artists, merchandise, food trucks, shows, after…

  • Tide Pools at Corona Del Mar

    The tide pools at Corona Del Mar are worthy of marveling at. You may want to check the times the high tide comes in for your own safety. Corona Del Mar is one of Orange County’s best spots for views and encounters with nature. If you do run into any wildlife at the tide pools,…

  • Dana Point Arches

    Dana Point Arches

    If you go to Dana Point, there’s a trail you can walk called Bluff Top Trail leading to an astoundingly scenic view of the ocean and a historically significant arch surrounded by a cornucopia of photo opportunities. Whether it’s overcast or sunny, the experience of arriving at the Dana Point Harbor Overlook was spectacular followed…

  • Chino Hills State Park

    Chino Hills State Park

    The entrance should be located at 4721 Sapphire Rd, Chino Hills, CA 91709 Cost is $5 for parking, or you can find parking outside of the entrance and walk an additional few miles. Chino Hills State Park is most popular, and arguably most beautiful, during poppy seasons (usually around March and lasts a few months…