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    What is the coolest place in Southern California? Big Bear, California is literally the coolest place temperature-wise and in every other way too! What is the most popular attraction in SoCal? It’s a close tie between Disneyland Park in Anaheim (Orange County) and Los Angeles itself (the famous boulevards and such). What is Southern California […]

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  • Baker’s Drive Thru

    Baker’s Drive Thru

    Baker’s is a popular local food franchise that can only be found in the Inland Empire in Southern California. They are most recently known for their Frynourmous, an extra large side of fries. People often mention their burgers, tacos, shakes, burritos, and vegetarian options. With roots as far back as 1952 and 39 Locations in […]

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    South Bay Botanical Gardens Butterfly Exhibit 2021 – South Bay Botanical Gardens in Rolling Hills, California Views of San Pedro, California Check out these food, fun & itinerary ideas in this area covered in this mini-directory of SoCal.

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  • SoCal Beach Sights

    SoCal is full of beaches and everyone knows it, but few have visited them all or even half! Some of these SoCal Sights have been featured in other itineraries and some are very much less known. Starting from the Bottom of SoCal 1. Imperial Beach is the most southern beach in California – and also […]

  • 10 Cultures’ Coffee Places You Can Try

    Some people will never understand the passion and comfort coffee culture is to its aficionados. Connoisseurs around the globe bond over cafes in their various forms. Basically, coffee lovers are everywhere and it’s such a versatile drink, people use it as an ingredient in uncountable drinks and foods. Here are some unique coffee places with […]

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