Locally Loved

Theoretically, this list could should include 99% of the small businesses in Southern California, but obviously it wouldn’t be very readable, would it?

  • In N Out: the burger place so famous, it’s in movies, TV shows and books. It only needs six menu items because it does them so well.
  • Portos: Cuban bakery and cafe, Porto’s, has excellent food, baked goods and beverages with it’s own flair.
  • Baker’s: Baker’s Drive Thru is an Inland Empire staple. If you grew up in the IE, You’ve seen or tried them. It’s known as America’s first twin kitchen.
  • Mel’s Drive-in: Hollywood famous diner. Enough said.
  • Silverlake Ramen: This ramen spot is expanding because they do ramen right. It
  • Rosa Maria’s: a truly small and successful food chain started in San Bernardino, a city known to praise good local businesses.
  • Better Than Sex: A dessert restaurant called Better Than Sex? What more reason could you need to try it? In the city of LA, shrouded by thousands of other desserts, this diamond earned its name.
  • Thai House: In the prestigious city of Redlands, there’s a small restaurant that keeps winning awards and recognition called Thai House. It’s definitely worth a drive.
  • Market Broiler: Not to be confused with MB Grille, the Market Broiler is for classy seafood lovers. It’s not exactly fine dining, but it’s pretty close to it.
  • Bakers & Baristas: A suburban favorite. There are very few people who try their goods and dislike them. It may be a little crowded when you arrive.
  • Moonshadow’s: If you love ocean views, American food and well-balanced dining atmospheres, you’ll love Moonshadow’s.
  • Mastro’s: Though it comes with a price (literally), this steakhouse and ocean club is to live for. It is frequented by celebrities, professional athletes and top-tier businessmen for its impeccable and consistent service.