Anime Expo

Anime Expo is an event usually held at the Los Angeles Convention Center with everything you can imagine regarding Japanese animation and anime-related media.

Movies and TV shows aren’t the only thing you’ll find. The expo features acres of activity-filled fun, opportunities to meet actors and industry professionals, shops, artists, merchandise, food trucks, shows, after hours events for adults and games. It’s easy to get overwhelmed. Bring money. The average food item is around $15.

For adults, there are usually alcohol vendors in a specified area like a beer garden. Some of the vendors hold their own additional events you can attend at nearby locations in Los Angeles.

There are kids but the majority of people are young adults. Many of them cosplay as an anime character. Be prepared for large crowds of socially awkward anime fans to swarm inside when the event begins. A lot of people show up hours early to get parking and a spot in line.

The closer to the venue you park, the more expensive it will be. The walk to your car at night can be intimidating if you’re not from LA but there will be lots of event goers walking around at the same time. Some people recommend using Parking Panda or other parking reservation apps to secure a spot.

It can be a very fun experience but also expect it to be very expensive if you plan to stay long. It’s not exactly like ComicCon but it is very similar.