House the Homeless

A significant portion of revenue from SoCal Sights Services goes to helping locals who have been severely affected by poverty.

House the Homeless is an ongoing annual campaign to promote empathy, fundraise and raise awareness about poverty, homelessness and financial instability in Southern California.

In March of 2024, SoCal Sights members will hold the annual event with exclusive activities, media and opportunities to help the cause.

  • Introduction
  • Live video conference
  • Guest Speaker: Elijah Resendez
  • Q&A
  • Virtual Visits to Skid Row, San Bernardino & Santa Monica
  • Formerly Homeless Success Stories
  • Advocacy for Homeless
    • Homeless non-profits
    • Advocates & Leaders tackling poverty
    • Positive Lawmakers
  • Financial Literacy Facts
  • Mental Health Awareness
  • Housing & Job Training Forum
  • Voting

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