Sponsorship Information

SouthernCalifornia.site (SoCal Sights) is raising awareness for community issues in coordination with local charities.

Efforts include:

  • Fundraising
  • Events
  • Volunteer Work
  • Campaigning
  • Advertising

Sponsors receive benefits as an incentive / reward for their support

House the Homeless is the current charitable campaign:

Mission: Los Angeles is leading the US in homelessness (as of 2018). California in its entirety is home to approximately 24% of the nation’s homeless population. House the Homeless aims to bring awareness and a forum for solutions as well as a community to implement them.

Benefit Concert Packages:

Sponsors of $50+ receive public appreciation at the event and online and a backlink

Sponsors of $250+ receive the same as well as branding in the digital campaign.

Sponsors of $500+ receive everything above as well as branding in the print campaign

  • Donations to our partners are counted as separate from sponsorship with SoCal Sights. Your contributions aide with operating costs, advertising, event coordination, campaigning and creating valuable partnerships. SoCal Sights contributes by maximizing the reach, potency and conversion rates of partners.

This season’s goal is $30,000 to our local charities and directly to implementing solutions:

  • Help existing infrastructures stay afloat this season amidst rising economic concerns
  • Lease out parking lots to park rented/donated campers (temporary shelter from the elements)
  • Acquire commercial spaces to provide services near poverty stricken areas
  • Assist homeless individuals directly as a community to guide them out of homelessness
  • Any other agreed upon solutions from partners & participants