SoCal Sights (SoCal Sights) is raising awareness for community issues in coordination with local charities.

Efforts include:

Sponsors receive benefits as an incentive / reward for their support

House the Homeless is the current charitable campaign:

Mission: Los Angeles is leading the US in homelessness (as of 2018). California in its entirety is home to approximately 24% of the nation’s homeless population. House the Homeless aims to bring awareness and a forum for solutions as well as a community to implement them.

Benefit Concert Packages:

Sponsors of $50+ receive public appreciation at the event and online and a backlink

Sponsors of $250+ receive the same as well as branding in the digital campaign.

Sponsors of $500+ receive everything above as well as branding in the print campaign

This season’s goal is $30,000 to our local charities and directly to implementing solutions: